WordPress Plugin

Want to include our Parenting Tips Collection on your website. Download and install our simple “random tip” plugin. It will display a random parenting tip on your site like the one shown below using a convenient shortcode:

[parenting_tip background_color="#ADCAD6" secondary_background_color="#000000" width="100%" fontsize="80%"]

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Note: To receive regular updates please contact us to let us know you are using the Plugin.

 Don't dwarf your child's personality by being too possessive as a parent. 

Need Help with the Plugin?

  • Download the Plugin ZIP file.
  • Upload the Plugin using the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Once uploaded, be sure the Plugin is “Activated” without error.
  • There is no Settings page for the Plugin.
  • Use the shortcode parameters as described below to modify the display of the Parenting Tip. The shortcode will inherit your stylesheet for font family and size.
  • [parenting_tip background_color="#ADCAD6" secondary_background_color="#000000" width="100%" fontsize="120%"]